Tallahassee Marathon 2019

Congratulations to Tallahassee Marathon and Half Marathon finishers! StreetSafari Photo is proud to be your official race photographers.

Photos from the 2019 race are now available for download.

We have determined that there was an unavoidable technical issue with one of our finish line cameras. The issue was intermittent and didn’t affect every photo. As a whole, however, they do not meet our usual standard.

Rather than purge the shots, we are offering all FINISH LINE shots at NO CHARGE. They are offered at full resolution with no watermark.

We are professionals. We hold ourselves to the highest standard. After millions of photos over many years, our principle has been that we will not sell imperfect photos. An occasional blurry foot might not bother some people, but it bothers us.

Again, congratulations and we hope to see you at another race in the Panhandle or beyond!

Your Friends at StreetSafari Photo