About StreetSafari & StreetSafariPhoto

Since 2003

Event Organization

Founded in 2003, StreetSafari has existed on both sides of the Atlantic Ocean. Inspired by the (in)famous Plymouth-Dakar Banger Rally, StreetSafari established and perfected the British Banger Rally concept in Europe.

The legendary Staples2Naples, the original European Banger Rally, was the start of the “crap car” rally craze. StreetSafari went on to organize many multi-continental routes across Europe, Northern Africa, Scandinavia, the United Kingdom and the United States.

The StreetSafari brand of budget rallies and tours includes:

  • Staples2Naples
  • Home2Rome
  • CzechWrecks
  • Calais2Casablanca
  • BigApple2BigEasy (BABE Rally)
  • End2End Rally (UK)
  • Valhalla Run
  • Alpine Run
  • Rocky Mountain Run

Event Photography

At the ebb of the budget rally trend, StreetSafari expanded into tour and event photography. Today the Company carries on as a specialist photography service in motography and action event photography including marathons, rallies, shows, races, and fundraising activities.

The StreetSafari brand of specialty photography services includes:

At StreetSafari, image is everything.

StreetSafari values your image. And ours.

All our services are provided and fulfilled 100% by StreetSafari, Inc. Unlike photographers that use third party sites or services, StreetSafari maintains complete control of your photos. We photograph, display, store, print, and fulfill all our own work through our own servers and processes.

Your memories have no expiration date. We believe neither should our archives.

More information is available in our Terms & Policies elsewhese on this site.


In addition to creating unique souvenir photography, StreetSafariPhoto offers a one-of-a-kind partnership opportunity for fundraising organizations.

If you or your organization are planning a fundraising event, contact us to learn about our no-cost opportunity for your cause.